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"... the establishment of a personalized treatment plan is the basis of successful healing what takes into account the functional unity of ankles and feet ..."

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Leader of the foot surgery program:

dr. Endre Rodler - orthopedic surgeon, reference for the German Society of Foot Surgery (GFFC).

Bunion - hallux valgus

There may be several static foot defects in the background of the "bunion". Patients feel pain in areas of the foot under increased pressure, in advanced cases the big toe, toes are deformed, bent, twisted or distorted.


The “hammer toe” and other little toe deformities show a very varied picture. An accurate assessment of the anatomical abnormalities lurking in the background of the abnormal toe position developed is essential for treatment.

Flatfoot - adult

Flatfoot is a well-known disease, part of our everyday lives.

The background of the rapidly deteriorating flatfoot in adulthood is most often the loss of the function of the tendon (tibialis posterior) passing under the inner ankle, elongated or torn from the overload.




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