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The “hammer finger” and other little toe deformities show a very varied picture. An accurate assessment of the anatomical abnormalities lurking in the background of the abnormal toe position developed is essential for treatment.


Patients feel pain in areas of the foot under increased pressure and walking and wearing shoes is only possible with complaints.




If you are honored to show me the complaining limb, I will examine your leg, take an x-ray and discuss how you can help with your complaints. If you need surgical treatment, we are happy to help you. I do almost every type of surgery in my foot surgery so I can offer the right type of surgery for every problem.


If we consider the problem to be “just” a hammer finger, we can be very wrong. The condition of the whole foot and the static conditions of the foot in a stable position must be accurately assessed, since in most cases the static defect developed further away from the hammer toes is the background of the deformity.




If the deviation is not severe, classical hammer finger surgery is recommended. This is a sufficient shortening of the base minute that stands out from the line. Often this is not enough, because due to the pathological situation that has existed for a long time, the tension tendon and the base of the base minute have also been shortened, so the necessary extension must be performed on these as well.

We can adapt this surgical technique to the actual deformity with minor modifications, so that the best possible functional and aesthetic result can be achieved.


In the case of more severe deviations, the required result can no longer be achieved with the previously described surgery. Depending on the accompanying changes found in the case of a marked change in the finger, we can decide on osteotomies resulting in the correction of the base joint and the displacement of the “head” of the metatarsal, the corrected position is temporarily fixed with a barbed wire.




Pain-dependent load in “treatment shoes” for 4-6 weeks.

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