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  • Orthopedic surgeon

  • Foot surgeon specialist

  • Certified member and referent of the GFFC (German Society of Foot Surgery)

  • Ankle joint lesions

  • Foot deformities (forefoot, rearfoot)

  • Knee wear

  • Hip wear

During the past ten years, my attention focused on orthopedic surgery for ankle and foot diseases. I worked in Germany, from 2010 to 2015, at the ankle and foot surgery center in Rüdesheim am Rhein as the department’s chief physician. My main responsibility, - in addition to the treatment of "traditional" ankle-foot diseases, - was the surgical care and revision of previously operated patients from all over Germany.

Throughout these five years, I gained significant experience in almost all areas of ankle and foot lesions by examining more than 7,200 outpatients. I was responsible to set up their personalized treatment plans, and I successfully performed more than 1,500 surgeries.

My professional life plan is to establish and propagate an international standard quality foot surgery in Hungary. I organize trainings across world and Hungary so that well-equipped colleagues can be on duty to serve patients.

Date and place of birth:
June 27, 1969, Pécs


Marital status:

married, father of 2 children

his wife dr. Zsuzsanna Süth is an orthopedic surgeon and hand surgeon


General Practitioner (Janus Pannonius University Pécs, Faculty of General Medicine 1996)

Orthopedic Surgeon (2001)

Accident Surgeon (2006)

Postgraduate training

2019 Compulsory level course for orthopedic specialists, Budapest

2013 Scheffau - Wintermeeting - Innencircle für Experten

2013 Compulsory level course for orthopedic specialists, Budapest

2012 Specialization Seminar for Practical Physical Surgery, Meisterkurs

2011 Kleine Läsion, grosse Wirkung: Wann ist ein Operation sinnvoll? - Diabetic disease Syndrome Rüdesheim am Rhein

2011 Grazer Seminar for Practical Physical Surgery, Aufbaukurs

2011 DAF DRG Seminar Munich

2009 Hungarian - German Seminar for Practical Physical Surgery, Budapest, Grundkurs

Compulsory leveling course for orthopedic specialists, Budapest

Accident Surgery Exam

2004 MIS Course, Uzsoki Street Hospital, Budapest

2001 Orthopedic surgery exam

2000 Arthroscopic knee course, Budapest

1999 Manual therapy course I. Budapest

1998 International Spine AO ​​Course, Davos

Company memberships

Hungarian Medical Chamber

German Medical Chamber

Hungarian Orthopedic Society

Hungarian Society of Spine Surgeons

Hungarian Arthroscopic Society

EFORT (European Federation of National Associations of Orthopedics and Traumatology)

GFFC (Gesellschaft für Fuß- und Sprunggelenkchurgie)

Hungarian Society of Podiatry and Foot Surgery

Rodler-Med Hand and Foot Surgery Center'S website:
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