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The surgeries are also available in private financing since 2016.

You can find information about the pricing of the foot surgery palette below.

The surgeries are currently being performed at MOM St. Magdalene Private Hospital, Budapest / Hungary. Here, a team of anesthesiologists with extensive experience and routine applying international standards.


The below mentioned surgical prices also include the cost of the surgery, anesthesia and hospital care. The implants, used during the surgery, vary from case to case, so they are accounted for separately.

Video consultation (15 min)

15.000 HUF

Foot surgery examination

25,000 HUF

Control examination

20.000 HUF

Bunion surgery without implant

(hallux valgus, hallux rigidus)

450,000 HUF

Hammer toe surgery without implant
(digitus malleus)

350,000 HUF

Removal of nerve thickening in the forefoot
Morton's neuroma

350,000 HUF

Complex forefoot reconstruction or revisions without implant
(bunion and hammer deformities for multiple toes)

950,000 HUF

Flatfoot correction without implant
(complex intervention, at several points of the foot)

950,000 HUF

We will inform you about the price of further surgeries during a personal consultation.

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