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German quality standards

Dr. Endre Rodler

Head of ankle and foot surgery program, orthopedic surgeon, traumatologist. He spent four and a half years as chief physician in Germany. Through its international relations, it maintains consultation with leading German and American foot surgery centers.

Surgeons During Operation

Reduce your foot pain

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Surgical treatment


The bunion is a painful and unfavorable-looking deformity. It can be caused by several static foot defects. In advanced cases, the big toe are deformed, bent, twisted or skewed. 

Hammer toe and other little toe deformities show a varied picture. An accurate assessment of the anatomical abnormalities underlying the problem is essential to make treatment.

Flatfoot - adult

Flatfoot is an ordinary foot deformity. In adulthood, painful, rapidly deteriorating Flatfoot is most often caused by a loss of tendon function (tibialis posterior) passing under the inner ankle, elongated or torn from overload.

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